Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Difference Between Apple iPad and iPad 2

Both Apple iPad and iPad 2 have striking features in it but still the pioneers of Apple made some improvements to iPad 2 in its design and performance. When compared to iPad, iPad 2 has all the updated applications and accordingly it has a high speed A5 processor giving you a stunning performance. This A5 processor consists of 1GHz Dual-core A9 application processor that is completely based on ARM architecture. The clock speed is twice faster in A5 processor than that of an A4 and also comparatively it is 9 times better in graphic oriented applications. Though they are much faster the power consumption is the same with them.

iPad 2 is much sleeker as they are 33% thinner and 15% lighter than a basic iPad. But then the display is again the same for both. It has a 9.7" LED back-lit LCD display with a resolution of about 1024 x 768 pixels and they make use of the IPS technology. The edges of the iPad 2 are slightly modified with an angled edge so as to reduce the weight of the gadget. Otherwise the design is almost the same for both. Also the battery life is similar where they can hold up to 10 continuous working hours.

Apple iPad 2 has now come up with some additional features. It has dual cameras both on the front and the rear side that adds to the convenience. The rear camera has a gyro and 720p video camcorder while the front facing camera facilitates FaceTime for video conferencing. With a new software PhotoBooth HDMI compatibility, you can connect your iPad 2 to a HDTV through Apple digital AV adapter (available separately) and share all your applications. Apple has introduced two more applications, iMovie and GarageBand which lets your iPad 2 play music as a small musical instrument does.

It is capable of supporting both 3G-UMTS and 3G-CDMA networks and it delivers the Wi-Fi only model also. Usually they are available in two colours black and white and are priced same like an iPad. It comes with a flexible magnetic case, made from either polyurethane or leather. Known as Smart Cover, they can be used both as a cover and also a stand for your iPad 2.

iPad 2 is updated with an iOS 4.3 and it has come up with lot many improvements. The safari browser is enhanced with a new Nitro JavaScript engine and this is twice faster than iOS 4.2. Hence the page loads are 35% faster than a iPad. You can easily share your movies and music from any Apple device, with the iTunes Home Sharing application. Apple is yet to release its next upgrade OS 4.3.1 on 25th March 2011 and this would be again a striking feature.