Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choosing a Smartphone

So, you have decided it buy your self a new Smartphone. Congratulations! You may find that this is a daunting task so here are some tips on choosing a Smartphone. This will help you to understand the huge amount of information which is available and to help make your choice a lot simpler. Before starting, though, you might like to ask yourself just what is a Smartphone anyway? Well, you can expect such a device to include features such as a normal mobile phone, internet access, a personal organizer, e-mail access, text messaging, video, and much more.
Here are the top eight tips for choosing a Smartphone;

1. Firstly, ask yourself the question how am I going to use the phone? You may want to use it purely for social purposes or for business. You will want a good suite of social networking applications if it's the former and a suite of office software if it's the latter.

2. Consider how much you are going to use the phone and how often that you are going to be able to charge it. Finding out how long the battery will last is still a crucial point. It sounds like a very basic issue but it is still one to bear in mind early on in your decision. It might be great to think of all those high-tech features which are attracting you but they will be of no use if your battery keeps going flat.

3. Do you prefer to use a pointing device or are you insistent on using a QWERTY keyboard? Make your choice accordingly.

4. Go and have a play with a few models. Concentrate on looking at how the menus and navigation system works on each model. Avoid looking at all of the wonderful applications because you want to be able to feel comfortable when you are using the device. Then you can go on to consider technological matters.

5. Are you able to carry out multitasking? Again, this will depend on how you intend to use your new phone. Make sure that your new device can handle several functions at once if you are likely to use it for different purposes at the same time. It can be very annoying to have to keep closing programs down otherwise.

6. A really top tip is to check how the screen reacts when you are outdoors. You want to make sure that you can always read it even if you are in bright sunshine.

7. There are many functions that you may wish to consider including on your new purchase. These include the ability to make video, send text messages, surf the Internet via your laptop using a USB connection or similar and even if you wish to use the device as a GPS map. It is a great idea to make a note of all the functions which you consider essential and the ones which are a luxury. You will have to make choices unless your budget is pretty much unlimited.

8. Many people use of their device as a camera on a regular basis. It may be tempting to look at the technological aspects of the camera function but the best test is to look at a photograph which you have taken and see how it looks on screen. You could also ask for a printout to see if it is sufficient for your needs. Also, you may want to consider a flash if you are going to use the camera frequently.

The majority of mobile phones include a good quality MP3 player as a standard. It can be worthwhile to buy your self a quality headset to make the most of this function rather than including the earphones which come packed with the device. You can also get external speakers so that you can use it around the home or office. Bare these points in mind when choosing a Smartphone and they should help you to make the best choice possible.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Nokia C7 - A Great Looking Symbian 3 Smartphone

With features ranging from an 8 megapixel digital camera to full Wi-Fi connectivity, to the impressive Symbian 3 OS, the Nokia C7 is a smartphone with something for everyone. 

The Nokia C7 ticks all of the boxes and it seems set as a popular smart phone on account of this. With measurements of 117.3x 56.8x 10.5 millimetres, this is a comfortable handset to hold and operate, especially given its light-weight of 130 grams. As a way to get around the Symbian OS 3 interface, owners are presented with the sizeable 3.5 " AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display. This definitely does a fantastic job of showcasing images and video clips on account of the power to exhibit as many as 16 million tones in its pixel configuration of 360x 480. The impressive screen even includes an integrated accelerometer sensor that instantly revolves the on-screen content dependant on the positioning of the phone. 

Both vibration and ringing are employed to forewarn owners to inward bound telephone calls and sms messages together with the included bonus of having the capability to designate MP3 files for ring-tones. Hands-free conversation is simply accomplished on account of an integrated speaker phone system as well as a 3.5millimeter earphone socket that can fit both hands free headphones and earbuds for enjoying audio. 

The Nokia C7 relies on both GPRS & EDGE in order to connect to mobile networks, whereas browsing the world wide web depends on an HSDPA connection in places with 3G network signal. This allows net browsing speeds as fast as 10.2 mega-bytes per second. A considerably connection is accessible however, on account of full Wi-Fi online connectivity that takes advantage of localized wireless networks where accessible. Wireless Bluetooth and micro USB connections are additionally supplied that enables the phone to hook up to similar electronics including other mobile phones and computers. This permits various tasks to be executed like backing up contact data or arranging media content files. 

An impressive eight mega pixel HD camera is in addition included and is among the more notable attributes of the Nokia C7. Needless to say, the still shots are of very good quality, regardless if zoomed in on account of it's great pixel count and pixel setup of 3264x 2448. The camera is able to capture video footage in 720p High-definition quality at 25 fps. 

A high number various attributes is integrated as standard, which range from multi-media and entertainment attributes, together with work productivity applications like a document viewer. 

Various colour options of the Nokia C7 are readily available, rendering it an attractive all-rounder which is certain to gain plenty of fans.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sony Ericsson Aspen - The New Generation Smartphone

The increasing demand for business capable mobiles which may seamlessly integrate professional and personal life has lead to a surge on similar functioning Smartphones. Most such devices are marred with faulty performance levels due to the slow processing speeds. The Sony Ericsson Aspen is the latest model which has been developed by the company to fulfill the needs of the business oriented generation. The simple aim behind it is to increase the speed and a high level of efficiency in the entire process. The inbuilt features allow the user unlimited freedom in performing all the essential programs and maintain a synchronized system.

It is a light weight model which weighs close to 134 g and has a well crafted getup. There is a 16 million color display which is able to ensure a good quality screen view which in turn further enhances the 2.4 inches screen. The Sony Ericsson Aspen has a QWERTY keypad with EXPERIA panels. The TFT screen has been made resistant and is touch enabled to a certain extent. The overall internal memory is 100 MB which in turn is capable of being extended to 16 GB. A 4 GB micro SD card slot is generally included with the set. The camera is 3.15 Mega Pixels and has a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels.

It is one of the first mobiles in the arena to have the 6.5.3 Professional Microsoft Windows Mobile as the operating system which is very quick and reliable. The Sony Ericsson Aspen has connectivity features like Class 10 GPRS, EDGE and 3G. It also has a v2.1 Bluetooth in addition to v2.1 micro USB port which helps in getting it synchronized with any other laptop or PC. The multimedia capabilities are exclusive and well matched to the company's signature style.

Stereo speakers, Stereo FM radio with RDS, MP3 and MP4 player make up the entertainment features. The business related applications are diverse and consist of Google Maps, twitter, Facebook and Skype. The pocket office has PDF viewer, word, excel and PowerPoint.The entire has been made up of eco friendly material and has a powerful battery capacity of 450 hours standby.