Wednesday, September 28, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date in the UK

After months of rumours surround the release date of the new iPhone 5, it seems UK consumers may finally be getting their hands on this fifth generation Apple iPhone next month. Speculation is that Apple is planning a large event on October 4th; reports are now hinting that this will be the launch event for not only the iPhone 5, but also the iPhone 4S and new iPod 3G.
Many sources, including The Wall Street journal, now believe that Apple is planning an official iPhone 5 release date for October 21st along with the first ever 'entry level' iPhone 4S for those on a tighter budget.

So, what do we know so far about the specifications and features of the new iPhone 5?
To start with it is expected to ship with a new 8.0 mega pixel camera capable of recording full 1080p HD video.
It is also now widely rumoured to feature the same, powerful A5 dual core processing chip found in the current iPad 2 tablet computer giving the new phone far more processing power than any of the iPhone models before it.

The form factor is set to be far slimmer than previous models including the current iPhone 4 with sources speculating that Apple are in fact manufacturing the slimmest smart phone ever and trying to take this title from Samsung's Galaxy S2 super phone.
It is a well known fact that Samsung manufacture a large amount of parts for Apple iPhones with the Korean based company stating that they are in fact their biggest client but there is sharp rivalry between these two firms as they joust for market supremacy.

With the sheer amount of interest surrounding the release of the iPhone 5 and now hard evidence that it is set to be the most popular smart phone release ever we wonder if Samsung have what it takes to maintain there current Android phone sales with the Samsung Galaxy S2.
There is growing rumours of an upgraded model known as the Samsung Galaxy S3 on its way to compete directly with the iPhone 5.

Ask any existing Apple product owner and they will tell you that there is nothing better than the product they are using, this is down to very clever marketing from the company as well as the price consumers pay for Apple products.
Evidence shows that even those not currently using an iPhone that were asked if they would be looking to buy the new iPhone 5 after its release showed far more interest than there was about the release of the iPhone 4, in fact 31% of those asked confirmed that they would be buying the new model.

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