Friday, October 8, 2010

The iPhone 4 Has Finally Arrived

The summer of 2010 sees Apple once again relaunch the famous iPhone. The new iPhone 4 now has an update in looks as well as features, and also features a clever twist on video calling set to make this method of communication more popular than ever.

A look at the promotional videos released in the build up to the iPhone 4 launch shows how heavily Apple are focusing attention on the new "FaceTime" system. Although video calling has been around for many years now, with previous efforts have focused on using the 3G network, which resulted in stuttering images and generally unreliable audio. Apples new slant on this method is dependant on both users having an iPhone 4, but with the handset set to be the most popular ever this should not pose to much of a problem.

Rather than relying on the 3G network, "FaceTime" utilises the handsets WiFi connection. This method of communication results in crystal clear pictures and sound, with the major advantage being it costs nothing to use at it is using your own internet connection rather than an expensive cellular network. These two factors look set to make this perhaps the biggest advancement on this new model, and certainly one of the more popular features to potential customers. During a call your own image appears in a small box on the screen. This box can be dragged to wherever you want on the screen as to not spoil your view. The secondary front camera also has a focal length which is optimised for use at arms length, making it not only perfect for "FaceTime" but also for self portraits.

In terms of looks, the iPhone 4 is one of the best looking phones you will find. 24 percent slimmer than its predecessor, the 3GS, a stylish looking stainless steel band surrounds the handset not only providing sleek looks but also incorporating the antenna, helping reduce the overall size of the internal workings.

Chemically toughened glass makes up the front and back of the unit. This glass is incredibly durable, helping reduce the chances of scratches and other marks. Obviously such stunning looks makes you constantly fearful of dropping the handset, so Apple have released 6 stylishly coloured bumpers which not only help protect the phone, but also help overcome the well documented reception issues.

The processor used inside the iPhone 4 is the same A4 chip used in the iPad, meaning that not only is responsiveness lightning quick, improved power management greatly increases battery life, something iPhone fans have complained about since the first ever release.

The iPhone 4 looks set to fly off the shelves this summer, and rightly so. The excellent FaceTime adds another string to the bow of what was already the most desirable phone available.

The iPhone 4 and the HTC Tattoo White are available now

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